Searching This Collection With JSS

Type one or several words in the search form above. The list of documents or pages that contain all the words in the list will be displayed.

If a pair of words is separated by the keyword "OR", the list of articles that contains either of the two words will be displayed. Example:
lecun OR bottou

If a word is preceded by "-", documents that do not contain the word will be displayed. Example
: bottou -lecun
will display the documents that contain "bottou", but not "lecun".

Query words are "stemmed" (plural and terminations are removed). To avoid stemming (e.g. for proper names and acronyms) capitalize the words.

About JSS

JSS, the JavaScript Search Engine, provides basic full-text search capability in a platform independent way. Because it is 100% JavaScript it runs in your web browser and requires no server-side scripts for web sites, and no software installation for CDROM collections.

On Windows, JSS is compatible with IE 5.x and above and Netscape 6 and above. On Linux, JSS is compatible with Mozilla, Galeon, and Konqueror.

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JSS was written by Yann LeCun and Florin Nicsa.

Bib2Web is a free online conversion service that uses JSS to build searchable collections from documents in PostScript, PDF, TIFF, and DjVu.